Finally, some strong diet advice!

Most of my clients and readers know I’m all about intuitive eating. “Diet” is a word I rarely even use. After all, I have always said that listening to hunger cues and honoring your body is far more desirable and health-affirming than sticking to imposed rules and inflexible, absolutist thinking.

That said, today I am earnestly encouraging everyone–patients, friends, and family–to go on a strict diet…

                         ….a strict media diet, that is!

I am aware that many people spend way too much of their free time–and for that matter, their work time–scouring the web, looking for the latest diet-related fad. Looking for new short-cuts that will deliver the perfect body; new rules and restrictions, that if followed, will effortlessly melt away unwanted weight.

Of course, these never work.

The only thing you are likely to get from time spent searching the web for this kind of information is a false sense of hope… followed by a creeping sense of defeat… and then an even stronger fixation on what is apparently wrong with your body.

The key for a healthy body, ironically enough, is what is actually right about your body:

Like hunger and fullness clues; eating when you are hungry, drinking when you are thirsty, and staying away from the fridge when you’re not hungry or thirsty. Getting enough sleep, when your body feels tired. Breathing properly. Exercising. In short, using your intuition to honor your body and its needs.

So focus on intuitive eating. Find joy in moving your body.

And as for restrictive dieting?

Let’s start with avoiding that latest weight-loss study according to Google search!