Intuitive Eating

Teaching clients how to listen to their bodies and helping them learn to recognize both their hunger and fullness cues, is a large focus of our practice. Combining the latest nutrition science with life-skills counseling, we guide our clients through the roadblocks that are in the way of achieving their ultimate goals. In over thirty years of professional experience, we have applied compassion and expertise to help people attain greater health and quality of life, both physical and emotional.

“Lisa is able to make incremental suggestions that really work – ones that are doable not drastic; that respect the individual’s emotional needs; and that promote mindful, not restricted, eating. She is helping me put food in a healthy place in my life.”

Janis A.

Receive your free Emotion-Triggered Eating™ guide to addressing your relationship with food. This free guide will provide practical tips to reduce emotion-triggered eating, and help you:

  • Increase awareness around emotion-triggered eating

  • Identify your specific emotion-triggers

  • Establish other strategies to self-soothe