Our Emotion-Triggered Eating™ program focuses on getting to the root of the reasons why people use food to comfort and self-soothe—emotional, psychological, and physical. This is an important part of our counseling, mindful as we are that issues surrounding a poor relationship with food are rarely resolved solely through diet support alone.

At Integrating Nutrition, we believe that what is important is Health at Every Size. Because a truly healthy body brimming with self-acceptance and gratitude is beautiful, no matter what shape it takes.

“In under a year a problem that had eluded my family, friends, and every specialist money could buy vanished before my eyes! It all happened because Lisa Ellis actually took the time to listen to me and take my symptoms seriously.”

Anthony R.

Receive your free Emotion-Triggered Eating™ guide to addressing your relationship with food. This free guide will provide practical tips to reduce emotion-triggered eating, and help you:

  • Increase awareness around emotion-triggered eating

  • Identify your specific emotion-triggers

  • Establish other strategies to self-soothe