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Food issues and disordered eating are rarely resolved through diet support alone. I use techniques I developed as Therapist, Registered Dietitian, and Certified Eating Disorder Registered Dietitian to help empower clients to make new choices that lead to well-balanced nourishment of mind, body and spirit.

Lisa Ellis

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Anxious to fix a fractured relationships with food? Eager to rediscover the joy at mealtime?

Offering gentle, non-judgmental support, Integrating Nutrition can help empower you to heal your relationship with food and eating…once and for all!

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“After years of loneliness secret bulimia and isolation I reluctantly ventured into the office of Lisa Ellis. I was deeply afraid to confront an abyss of profound sadness from childhood and loss. My tears found comfort in the acceptance, understanding and wisdom of Lisa Ellis. With kindness and patience over many visits she equipped me with coping skills to confront the bulimia and heal from past hurts, fears, and isolation.
From baby steps to huge strides, we rebuilt me into a happy, functioning, mother, partner, friend who finds joy and gratitude and the skills to embrace life. Thank you and God Bless Lisa Ellis.”
Josie A.
“In under a year a problem that had eluded my family, friends, and every specialist money could buy vanished before my eyes! It all happened because Lisa Ellis actually took the time to listen to me and take my symptoms seriously.”
Anthony R.
“Lisa is able to make incremental suggestions that really work – ones that are doable not drastic; that respect the individual’s emotional needs; and that promote mindful, not restricted, eating. She is helping me put food in a healthy place in my life.”
Janis A.
“I have worked with my nutritionist, Lisa Ellis, for over 2 years. She is a Registered Dietitian and a true professional. She approaches her work in a sincere and serious manner. She does not sell fad diets or wonder pills. She does bring a wealth of scientific knowledge and experience to her work which is to help people appropriately manage their diet and their weight.”
Soledad K.
“In the end she saved him without any medication or any hospital stay. She taught him how to walk away from the monster that consumed him and how to become whole again. I thank God for Lisa and her compassion everyday day.”
Stacey N.
“Dieting most of my life, I maintained my weight until aging and other physical consequences of time caught up with me. Despite dieting, exercising, and “being careful” of what I ate, I watched as the scale continued to display higher numbers much to my dismay. Frustrated and fed-up, I decided to heed a friend’s recommendation and scheduled a visit with Lisa Ellis.”
Iris D.

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