This is a tough time for most people. I hope this finds you and your family well.


The Corona Virus is not only wreaking physical havoc on some people, it is also unsettling many of us emotionally. I am writing this to check  in to see how you and your family are managing during these unprecedented times. With fear of the unknown lurking, many of my clients have shared that they are having a hard time staying in the present. For most, the all too familiar “What ifs…” are hard to challenge. Several of my clients have also shared how tough it is to avoid using food as a comfort right now.  This makes perfect sense since struggles are often multiplied when stress levels rise.


With that in mind, I’d like to share some thoughts and provide some virtual support…

Instead of spending time falling into that rabbit hole of future “what ifs?” (obsessed with the unknown, the things we can not control) it might be helpful to focus on things in the present that we do have control over. Some things you can do right now are:
             A. Make a to do list that will bring to you a sense of accomplishment…perhaps your
                 closet can use a good spring cleaning, or your pantry, or that junk drawer.
    1. Light a scented candle or use lavender in a diffuser to share some calm and entice your sense of smell.


    1. Try some new recipes, new ways to inspire creativity. There is no shortage of online recipes and meal plans for cooks of all ability levels utilizing whatever ingredients you have on hand.


    1. Plan for activities you would enjoy doing alone. Perhaps your photos can use some organizing. Haven’t drawn a picture since middle school? Now is the perfect time to reconnect with that side of your personality… tap into your creativity with colored pencils or crayons, or maybe paint a picture.


    1. Stay connected to others by playing games online (ie. Words With Friends, Canasta Junction, Bridge Base.) Or see what else is out there… perhaps now is the perfect time to try a new game.


    1. Use an App to add some meditation into your day (ie. Insight Timer.)


    1. Social media is full of suggestions on taking virtual tours of museums or exotic locations; a quick google search will link you to lots of places to visit.


    1. And speaking of social media: don’t forget to stay social! Sheltering in place does not mean falling into isolation. Now is the perfect time to reach out to old friends and loved ones that you haven’t connected with in a while. Going through this challenging time separately doesn’t mean we need to go through it alone.


Finally, let’s remember that as difficult as this particular circumstance may be, it is a finite period in time. This too shall pass…


Healthy regards,