Mother’s Day self care! If you’re a mother, you should read this. Or, If you know a mother… well, make sure she reads this.

I’m not saying anything you don’t know if I point out the fact that mothers are busy people, often subject to overwhelm. We are so busy taking care of others, in fact, that we typically spend very little time on our own self-care.

And when we do give half a thought to taking a moment to do something just for ourselves, we tend to refer to such instances as treats, as in, “I treated myself to a massage… or to a scented hand cream… or to a cup of tea in a quiet room.” Framing these things as treats implies that doing something pleasurable for ourselves is something uncommon and way out of the ordinary.

 And yet, well… shouldn’t self-care be totally common and completely ordinary?

It seems to me that expending a little money and effort to preserve our spirit and well-being is really not a treat… any more than having a drink of water when we’re thirsty is a treat. At the very least (or at the very most,) whatever money and effort we expend to promote our own well-being is actually an investment; an expenditure furthering our own happiness, mental health, and vitality.

Even if time and money are in short supply, there are small but meaningful ways you can can give yourself a break. If you don’t have any time to interrupt your schedule, why not use a hand cream with a scent you like as you go through your day?  (I recommended this to a client, and it shifted her spirit and energy for the whole day.) Dreading a dreary task that must be done, like paying bills? Why not take your computer, bills and checkbook to a coffee shop, and at least perform the tedious job in more pleasant surroundings over a cup of tea?

The bottom line: Let’s stay mindful of the value of our own self-care! Acknowledging and meeting our own needs actually makes us happier, more effective, and cuts down on feelings of overwhelm… something to keep in mind this Mother’s Day.

Oh, and every day thereafter.