Stop stressing about packing nutritious lunches for your family.

Fall has arrived! (Sort of). September signals that we are all officially getting back into the swing of things, and instills that itch to get organized. More to the point, school has started again, which means for many parents, packing school lunches and snacks. Pictures and videos of insta-perfect bento boxes have taken the internet by storm, and while such things are wonderful if you have the time for it, that sort of labor-intensive meal prep may also leave many already stressed-out parents feeling overwhelmed and inadequate.

Well, worry not! I’m here to gently remind you—fed is best! It is no secret that adequate nutrition is essential for kids to do their best in school. At Integrating Nutrition, we work with children, adolescents, and their parents alike to help work on simple, easy, and nutritious ways to pack lunch—without the side of stress.

How much nicer would it be to not have to worry about what you throw together for lunch during the morning rush to get everyone packed and out the door on time? As is the case in many situations, a dash of preparation can save the day!

3 Simple Steps for Easy, Nutritious Lunches for the Whole Family

Invest in Some Good Quality Containers

Don’t worry, I’m not talking about the $50 special bento boxes! You can find good quality containers without spending an arm and a leg- some favorites are BentGo and Lunch Bots. Look for the ones with at least 3 separate compartments. Not only are they visually pleasing, it can be used as an aid to remind you to include all the components of a balanced lunch—fruits and/or veggies, protein, starch and fat!

A good thermos, too, is a helpful item for those chilly days when a hot meal fits the bill!

Prep For The Week

After you go grocery shopping, take a few extra minutes to wash, chop, and store any snacking veggies and fruit you plan to include in the coming week. This makes it quick and easy to add to lunch boxes. Cube up some cheese and fill some dip containers with peanut butter (or sunflower seed butter, if your school has a no-nut policy) to be ready to go.

Reinvent Dinner

Lunches don’t have to just be sandwiches or be anything new—dinner leftovers are a great way to quickly make lunches. Utilizing leftovers in a different way can keep your child from getting bored. Take leftover roast chicken and turn it into a chicken sandwich, put roasted veggies in a salad, or make last night’s salmon into a rice bowl. A thermos will come in handy to keep last night’s chili or stew toasty and appetizing!

There Are Nutritious Ways to Pack Lunch for Everyone

Finally, remember: these tips are not just for kids—they can be helpful for parents and non-parents too! Investing time in a little prep and remembering some simple tools can pay you back in some precious you-time, and make packing delicious and nutritious lunches a breeze.

If you have a struggle with your kids and the family members around your table at mealtime, and want help ensuring that everyone gets the nutrition they need and is eating in a way that is healthy for them … reach out and book a call with us. Let us help you figure out the next steps so that lunchtime and all mealtimes are what you’ve always dreamed of.

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