The 4th of July, as we know, celebrates that day in 1776 when the brand-new congress adopted the Declaration of Independence, signaling the Independence of the American people from Great Britain. There is, and has been, a lot of discussion and thought about the value of independence. Even this very blog last year ran some thoughts about taking a moment to use the power behind Independence Day as an opportunity to declare a day of personal independence, free from caring about the judgments of others. And certainly, independence from negative restrictions is a good and powerful thing.


But what is somewhat less honored is that other part of the phrase “Declaration of Independence…”


…the Declaration.


There is power in making a statement that describes how people would have the world view them. And perhaps even more importantly, there is power in defining how an individual sees him or herself. Because to do so requires a certain amount of mindful introspection, taking a moment to consider who one truly is, and is not… and what boundaries one insists on living by; to get clear on ideals and values.  These principles become the basis for how we act and treat others as well as how we relate to ourselves in matters of mind, body and relationship.


So my suggestion is that we take a moment to consider who and what we wish to be and declare our intention to live our values in such a manner that reflects our highest standards; intentions for our relationships as well as intentions for our own well-being, in mind and in body.


Now, wouldn’t that be something to celebrate?