Spring is well under way; in fact, this blog entry is being posted right between two major religious holidays: Easter and Passover. And while these two holidays might be the most well-known in my neck of the woods, tons of other religions and cultures world-wide also have festivals and observances commemorating the themes of rebirth, renewal, and rededication.

Spring Cleaning:

A popular, non-religious tradition that goes along with the spirit of these holidays is spring cleaning. The practical aspect of spring cleaning–opening the windows to fresh air and actively cleaning out the stale residue of things that have piled up all winter–is no less important that how the act of welcoming spring makes us feel.

Springtime Mindset:

Acknowledging the optimism of new greenery and the promise of sunny days ahead is part and parcel of the springtime mindset. As the season’s first flowers and butterflies colorfully bear witness to the beauty of the ongoing miracle of life, someone with a mindful perspective might see in springtime metaphors for their own life. We might see in the shift from dreary winter to the tender first buds of spring, our own potential for renewal. As the earth around us embraces new life, we might embrace the miracle of life we each embody. As trees that only weeks ago appeared dead and skeletal start to grow lush with life, we too might take steps to nourish our souls and do the things that honor our bodies, like proper nutrition, rest,  mindful thinking, and exercise.

Here’s my suggestion: let’s observe for a moment at the wonder of how nature takes care of itself, and as we do our spring cleaning, let’s clean out the things that separate us from honoring ourselves and our bodies. One of the best ways to celebrate the spring festivals is– as we honor our traditions–to remember to truly take care of ourselves.

Happy Spring from Integrating Nutrition, Inc.