Valentine’s Day is an occasion that brings up different feelings for different people. Some enjoy the traditional day of honoring love by appreciating some special time with their partner, while others may simply dream about creating such a relationship. Still others are happily unattached.

Regardless of your particular relationship status, let’s put a new twist on Valentine’s Day 2017. Let’s make this the year of self-love and acceptance. Regardless of whether or not you are romantically involved, Integrating Nutrition encourages this day to be a celebration of you. Why not start by listing five things you like about yourself:

For example:

I’m kind
I’m brave
I’m compassionate
I’m loving
I’m smart

Create your own valentine

Now take a heart-shaped piece of paper or foam and make yourself a valentine with these sentiments.

Affirmation of Self-Love on Valentine’s Day


How does it feel to be so self-compassionate and loving? For too many of us, it’s easier to think in terms of what we can’t do or don’t do well, letting our inner critic run the show. Well, move over judgmental miss…there’s a new boss in the house and she says that beautiful people come in all shapes and sizes! And she is going to take the opportunity of this day of love’s celebration to wrap her arms around her own self-love and acceptance!

So take all your lovely compliments, let them soak in and then go do something really nice for yourself! ❤

And of course… may you all have a very happy Valentine’s Day!